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Vocal Entertainer

West Lothian

Set Lengths:
2 x 60 minutes or
3 x 40 minutes maximum

14+ Years with Emkay Entertainments Agency

Solely represented by Emkay Entertainments Agency


From Bowling Clubs and Party Nights to Weddings and Corporate Events, Cailean McLean has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life throughout the course of his career. 


Performing at a variety of venues, with appearances spanning more than 25 years, Cailean has earned the admiration and affection of countless audiences with his musicianship and boundless energy on stage.


Cailean can work to script or design new shows for your event including requests as a singer/vocalist, public announcer/presenter or Burns Night addresses.

Cailean McLean

Cailean McLean
Cailean McLean - I'm Still Standing.mp4
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Cailean McLean - Hold Up A Light
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Cailean McLean - My Girl.mp4
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