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Vocal Entertainer & Tribute Act


Set Lengths:
2 x 60 minutes or
3 x 40 minutes maximum

10+ Years with Emkay Entertainments Agency


It isn’t often Royalty pays a visit to his subjects but Rock ‘n’ Roll fans of all ages will be out in force when JESSE GARRON and his spectacular Rock ‘n’ Roll & Rock-a-Billy Showdance rocks the ballroom of romance just back from Harrah’s Casino & Hotel 3475 Las Vegas Nevada USA

Starring Scotland’s veritable Monarch of Rock n’ Roll, this blue haired, yes! Blue Haired, unbridled sex & satisfaction Multi- Instrumentalist Legend JESSE GARRON with the golden throat is one of the best concert attractions in the country today Voted & Awarded RTEs most exciting artiste 2008 & best International artiste 2009, and if requested and funds permit JESSE can be supported by his flawless ensemble of band & Dancers “The Wreckin Crew” use the word “tight” and you’ll be right.


As for himself, the word is Presence he is a masterful showman, and as sensitive to the audience as a tuning fork is to a piano. JESSE has worked extensively in theatre and television, and as well as being a performer, he writes & also produces.

A show that chronicles all those great Rock n Roll & Rock-a-Billy classics and happenings from 1950 onwards; you will hear, not a sound alike, or even, a look alike!,just the fabulous voice of JESSE GARRON. He takes a note or a song somewhere you’d never expect and just simply blows your mind, he delivers an awesome collection of notes that would leave a normal set of vocal chords in shreds he sings them all, Rock, Country, Gospel you name it JESSE is the best, he is Mr Charisma and his showmanship is the closest to a Vegas show you’ll ever see outside Las Vegas.


Quote - "His concerts are not only musical events they are also hilarious social occasions. His hordes of feminine fans abandon all modesty in the presence of JESSE he thrills them to their white knuckles. The whirlwind set which will include the music of Bill Haley. Elvis. Fats. Buddy. Jerrylee. Eddie. Chuck. Roy, man, if he were to walk of the stage right now I guarantee none of the audience would demand a refund, That’s how good he is, this Showman seldom strays from the winners circle. The Everlys. Cliff. Billy. P.J. Del. And many other memorable stars from the 50’s, & 60’s. This show is a roller coaster ride of pure neuralgia oops sorry nostalgia - DUKES DIARY TV & THEATRE CRITIC”

Jesse Garron

Jesse Garron
Jesse Garron - The Rebel Rouser.mp4
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Jesse Garron - Demo Showreel
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Jesse Garron - Live at Rock & Roll Awards
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JD, Galashiels (May 2023)

"Excellent feed back on Jesse Garron. Definitely want him back in the future.."
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